PNG Diamonds is a formidable name in the Jewellery Industry of India. Taking this legacy forward is the strapping and dynamic Rohan Gadgil, son of founder Mr Shrikrishna Gadgil .

Rohan Gadgil learnt the nuances of the diamond business from a young age. He completed his Diamond Grade Certification from International Gemmology Institute and M. B. A. (Finance) from M.I.T.  Rohan is paving a glorious path for PNG Diamonds, with his eye for detail, hands on experience and passion for his craft.  He combines his formal qualification and practical knowledge to deftly manage the Finance, Operations and Production departments of PNG Diamonds.  His expertise lies in the areas of jewellery ratios, stock management and seasonal profitability enhancement.

Under the able guidance of Rohan, one can witness the choicest of collection of gems, diamonds and corals in the PNG Diamonds stores.