Akshay Gadgil, a visionary of sorts is the at the helm of affairs at PNG Diamonds. Being the Director of PNG Diamonds, Akshay has heralded a new beginning in reinforcing the PNG Diamonds brand. His astute sense of perfection, eye for detail and foresight is standing him in good stead in achieving these strides. A commerce graduate from BMCC, Akshay Gadgil, further enhanced his knowledge by completing Masters in Business Administration and specialization in Gemmology from the prestigious Gemmology Institute of America, Carlsbad, USA. A versatile personality, Akshay nurtures his passion for swimming and drawing. It was this creativity which drew Akshay into the diamond designing business.

Akshay valiantly took the mantle of heading the diamond business after his father’s untimely death. Under his mother’s able guidance, he quickly and effortlessly learnt the ropes of the business. With his confidence, prudence and foresight, Akshay rapidly expanded the family business and took it to greater heights. Currently he is the founder of P. N. G. Diamonds and his USP is Diamond assortment and Coloured stone grading.

Already familiar with the technicalities of diamond designing, Akshay mastered the business on the job. His vast experience in the diamond business gives him a deft insight into upcoming trends. He attributes the influx in the demand for diamonds on the customers’ preference for light and trendy diamond jewellery instead of ornate ones. This has further widened the scope of the diamond business.

He states that for the last few decades P.N.G Diamonds has been the epitome of trust and quality. The market is evolving fast and it is the need of the hour to make the brand, logo, product and services more contemporary and futuristic. Our new brand logo perfectly symbolises this brand belief. Our new logo is associated with classiness and has an upscale persona to it. Generations of customers feel connected to this new brand and logo. This jewellery is an integral part of their heritage, thereby holding a very important part in their lives. P.N.G Diamonds is in sync with current trends and style yet maintains its historic grandeur.

The future beckons and Akshay Gadgil is more than ready to take P.N.G Diamonds surging ahead.